Letter to all the bullies in the world. I am fat SO WHAT

I came to live in UK 30 years ago, I come from Spain is a beutifull country with wonderfull people, but there were many bullies, people that think calling somebody fat in the streets was acceptable, I was young and I decided to run from the bullies, I come to UK and I love it here in 30 years, maybe one person has called fat, the most respetfull people in my experience, until twitter came and now some people start insulting fat people and the funny  part of it they think is all right. I am here to tell fat people that is not all right to be insulted, that they need to stand and fight and laws have to be implemented to defend fat people like being bullied, but is up to us to come out and say we are here, as they can see us, being big is and advantaged, let stop being invisible, let s fight to be heard.We are fat and so what, they are many reasons why people are big but none to insult them for that. see u tomorrow


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