eating healthy

I do not believe in diets, I stop dieting many years ago, but I know now some foods are good for u and some not, some food heal us and when I eat fruits and vegetables, I try as organic as I can I feel alive, light, no matter my weight, when I eat processed food I feel heavy, my digestion is sometimes painful, If a big person ask me I will tell him to try to change his diet little by little, I will never be like this expert in weight loss that come in your house and empty your cupboards and fill your fridge with veg and fruits, the processeds foods are addictive and they are engineered to be that way, some people they believe is better to take them out of your system as soon as posible to kill the addiction it is not nor me, I needed time and is better for me to think I can eat whatever I want I just try to choose better choices, I love food all kinds of food then is very easy for me to make better choice, instead of Mac Donalds I can go to have a chinese meal.


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