eating healthy

I do not believe in diets, I stop dieting many years ago, but I know now some foods are good for u and some not, some food heal us and when I eat fruits and vegetables, I try as organic as I can I feel alive, light, no matter my weight, when I eat processed food I feel heavy, my digestion is sometimes painful, If a big person ask me I will tell him to try to change his diet little by little, I will never be like this expert in weight loss that come in your house and empty your cupboards and fill your fridge with veg and fruits, the processeds foods are addictive and they are engineered to be that way, some people they believe is better to take them out of your system as soon as posible to kill the addiction it is not nor me, I needed time and is better for me to think I can eat whatever I want I just try to choose better choices, I love food all kinds of food then is very easy for me to make better choice, instead of Mac Donalds I can go to have a chinese meal.


obesity crisis? Dieting is the reason and not the answer

Everybody talks about an obesity crisis, to me there is a main reason because the obesity problem, besides processed foods and people moving very little, for me the main reason is people dieting, trying to be slim, following the trends of the seventies( we all have to be slim, no matter what), and many people, especially women we start dieting and the dieting made us addicted to food and in many cases morbidly obese, we lost ourselves in the fight to lose weight and what is worst our health, and now Cameron said to obese people, or you lose weight or you lose whatever benefit u are because you are obese, I am here to tell the Prime Minister how the solution can be what cause the problem in the first place, I am a spanish woman living most of my life in Britain and I hope I can pass this message to everybody DIETING is not the answer, is the cause and maybe accepting that we were not all supposed to be skinny could have save us a lot of pain. and to help us they have to treat us as sick people with an addiction to food that is not a simple matter.


In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Ghostwriter.”                            If I had to choose a writer for my biography it will be a spanish writter called Lucia Etxebarria. I love her books, and I think she will get me, my life, mi struggles with weight, with men with everything, the way I view the world and my fight to change the world treat big people and laugh at us and the joke is going to be on them.We are now too many then we need to be heard.

Letter to all the bullies in the world. I am fat SO WHAT

I came to live in UK 30 years ago, I come from Spain is a beutifull country with wonderfull people, but there were many bullies, people that think calling somebody fat in the streets was acceptable, I was young and I decided to run from the bullies, I come to UK and I love it here in 30 years, maybe one person has called fat, the most respetfull people in my experience, until twitter came and now some people start insulting fat people and the funny  part of it they think is all right. I am here to tell fat people that is not all right to be insulted, that they need to stand and fight and laws have to be implemented to defend fat people like being bullied, but is up to us to come out and say we are here, as they can see us, being big is and advantaged, let stop being invisible, let s fight to be heard.We are fat and so what, they are many reasons why people are big but none to insult them for that. see u tomorrow